Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fan Letter to Paul McCartney, 1965

Dear Paul,

When I heard you were coming to the Gaumont at Sheffield, I dived into my Piggy Bank to pay for my Ticket but Alas no money. I felt like crawling down the drain. Now to worry though 'cos I still love you and I'm determined to be the first in the queue if you ever come to Chesterfield.

Gillian Walters has got a nerve thinking you must look ghastly in the morning. I mean you look fab all the time don't you. Seriously though I do really think you look smashing in all your photo's.

Luv 'n Stuff,

Margaret (Beatle) Booth,
Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

P.S.--Couldn't resist putting that bit in 'cos that's what all my relations call me now.

Paul answers:--
Well I think I look OK in the mornings but my mirror sometimes doesn't agree.

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sandra said...

i am a HUGE fan and i'm only 15 i LOVE your music