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Election Year Strategy Information Center (EYSIC)

FBI Current Intelligence Analysis

Volume II, Number 3

February 11, 1972

New "New Left" Group Formed

Operating under the cumbersome title of Election Year Strategy Information Center is a new organization which has been formed to direct New Left protest activities during the 1972 election year, with these efforts geared to culminate in massive demonstrations at the Republic National Convention in San Diego in August. Before finally settling on this name, EYSIC was known both as the Allamuchy Tribe and the International News Service, names which some members of the group still occasionally use. Organizers of this band of activists are seasoned veterans of protest: Rennie Davis, Jerry Rubin, Stewart Albert, and Jay Craven. (CONFIDENTIAL)

Finances do not seem to be an immediate problem for EYSIC since John Lennon, formerly with The Beatles musical group, has reportedly contributed $75,000 to this embryonic organization. Lennon's money and name have placed him in a position of considerable influence in EYSIC--no key planning sessions are being held without Lennon (pictured at left). Lennon, a British subject, has also taken steps to acquire American citizenship. (CONFIDENTIAL)

EYSIC is headquartered in New York City in space rented in a warehouse on Hudson Street. Plans are being generated there to get EYSIC members to appear at major primary elections in 1972 to confront the candidates with the "New Left message" and to additionally encourage individuals to travel to San Diego to demonstrate in August against the Republican Party. (CONFIDENTIAL)

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