Saturday, December 20, 2008

November 20 & 29, 1964 - Not Only... But Also

Taped: 20 & 29 November 1964
Aired: Saturday 9 January 1965

On November 20, John filmed a surreal film sequence with Dudley Moore and Norman Rossington on Wimbledon Common, to accompany his reading from In His Own Write on Moore's new BBC2 programme Not Only . . . But Also.

Nine days later, John read from his book, In His Own Write for the programme. He was apparently shy and self-conscious about reading aloud, but this was quickly dispelled by the antics of Moore and A Hard Day's Night star Norman Rossington.

John and George had a few drinks afterwards, then went to the Crazy Elephant where they spent the evening with two members of The Miracles.

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