Monday, December 22, 2008

Beatlemania Forever: The Beatles Encyclopedia

by W. Fraser Sandercombe

An A-to-Z reference to The Beatles, this comprehensive book includes information on everything related to their careers such as awards, recordings, tours, concerts, television appearances, and films. Going beyond the history of the band, it also covers the former members’ solo careers, their personal lives, and has entries for other people who were connected to the band—friends, family, producers, promoters, writers, and journalists—making this a one-stop resource for all subjects related to The Beatles.

W. Fraser Sandercombe is a musician, a rare book dealer, and a writer whose stories have appeared in Aphelion, Haunts, Macabre, Moonbroth, and Weirdbook magazines. He is the author of The Beatles: Press Reports and Nothing Gold Can Stay. He lives in Burlington, Ontario.

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