Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Paul McCartney Encyclopedia

by Bill Harry

The Paul McCartney Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive book about Paul McCartney ever written. By best-selling author and Beatles expert Bill Harry, this A-Z of over half a million words will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about one of the greatest songwriters of the twentieth century. What is the truth behind his relationship with Yoko Ono? What was George Harrison's attitude toward him? Why did he decide to dissolve the Beatles? Did he and John Lennon come to a reconciliation? What was his opinion about taking LSD? What was Paul's life like behind bars in Japan? Why has his former council house become a shrine?

With almost 2000 entries covering his family history from birth, his many love affairs, his opinions about drugs, his songs, records, concerts and honours bestowed upon him over the years, together with a full discography and bibliogaphy, this book is packed with new material and unique insights into the life of Paul McCartney. Over 2000 seperate entries and 500,000 words make this the definitive book on Paul McCartney.

Bill Harry is the leading authority on the Beatles and founder of the music paper Mersey Beat, that helped launch the Beatles.

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