Thursday, November 13, 2008

Following Lennon




To: SAC, New York (100-175319) (Enclosures - 2)

From: Director, FBI (100-469910)

1 - Mr. Horner
1 - Mr. Prousse
1 - Mr. Shackelford
1 - Mr. Pence


ReNYtel 3/16/72.

Enclosed for information of New York are two copies of Alexandria airtel dated 3/31/72 captioned "White Panther Party, IS - WPP; CALREP; MIDEM," which contains information from Alexandria source relating to current activities of subject.

It appears from referenced New York teletype that subject and wife might be preparing for lengthy delaying tactics to avert their deportation in the near future. In the interim, very real possibility exists that subject, as indicated in enclosed airtel, might engage in activities in U.S. leading toward disruption of Republican National Convention (RNC), San Diego, 8/72. For this reason New York promptly initiate discreet efforts to locate subject and remain aware of his activities and movements. Handle inquiries only through established sources and discreet pretext inquiries. Careful attention should be given to reports that subject is heavy narcotics user and any information developed in this regard should be furnished to narcotics authorities and immediately furnished to Bureau in form suitable for dissemination.

In view of subject's avowed intention to engage in disruptive activities surrounding RNC, New York Office will be responsible for closely following his activities until time of actual deportation. Afford this matter close supervision and keep Bureau fully advised by most expeditious means warranted.

John Lennon, former member of Beatles singing group, is allegedly in U.S. to assist in organizing disruption of RNC. Due to narcotics conviction in England, he is being deported along with wife Yoko Ono. They appeared at Immigration and Naturalization Service, New York, 3/16/72, for deportation proceedings but won delay until 4/18/72 because subject fighting narcotics conviction and wife fighting custody child case in U.S. Strong possibility looms that subject will not be deported any time soon and will probably be in U.S. at least until RNC. Information developed by Alexandria source that subject continues to plan activities directed toward RNC and will soon initiate series of "rock concerts" to develop financial support with first concert to be hld Ann Arbor, Michigan, in near future. New York Office covering subject's temporary residence and being instructed to intensify discreet investigation of subject to determine activiteis vis a vis RNC.

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