Thursday, October 16, 2008

Before He Was Fab: George Harrison's First American Visit

by Jim Kirkpatrick

Just as the Beatles were gaining popularity in England, George Harrison visited his sister Louise in the US. While visiting Southern Illinois, George found out that the Beatles had achieved record sales of their new hit, "She Loves You," in England. George purchased one of the guitars he later used to play with the Beatles while in Southern Illinois. While here, he played with a local group, The Four Vests, at a VFW where it was said that George might make a good group member. The first Beatles record ever played in the US was played in Southern Illinois during George's visit. Before He Was Fab recounts these events - and much more! With the help of George's sister, Louise, Jim Kirkpatrick has extensively researched George Harrison's visit to provide a fascinating account of the early Beatle days.

Highlights include:
* Extensively documented account of George's visit
* Foreword by Louise Harrison, George's sister
* 32 rare photographs
* Published in June - 2000

Table of Contents:
Preface - Jim Kirkpatrick
Foreword - Louise Harrison
1. The Evolution of 60's Rock
2. September 1963
3. Lou Moves to Benton
4. Lou Promotes the Beatles
5. George and Peter's Arrival
6. The WFRX Interview
7. Gabe McCarty
8. Shopping for Records
9. The Rickenbacker Guitar
10. The Four Vests Play Eldorado
11. The Boccie Ball Club
12. Odds and Ends
13. Coping with Beatlemania
14. Lou Leaves Benton
15. Efforts to Save "Beatle House"
16. Investors Purchase House
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Brukewilliams said...

If you are interested in George Harrison's first trip abroad, be sure to read this book. You will learn about the small industrial town of Benton, Illinois some 305 miles south of Chicago and the world in 1963 as George Harrison knew it. You will also be introduced, in a manner of speaking to George's only sister, who was 11 1/2 when her youngest brother was born.
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