Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Beatles Story: The Lifetime Biography

Label: Sanctuary Digital Entertainment, SDE0003

This one-hour documentary recounts the musical career of the "Fab Four" in its entirety: from their early days in Liverpool to the peak of their success as the world's most successful pop group. The film is largely archival and built around extensive footage that chronicles the phenomenon of Beatlemania as it rapidly spreads across the globe. Much of the material has not been seen before and includes a number of interviews with the Beatles at critical moments in their career; plus fascinating footage from their final American tour. To complete the film there is also recent footage and retrospective interviews with members of the Beatles' entourage as well as those who have spent time analyzing and evaluating the Beatles' musical and social impact on our lives.

1. Introduction
2. Birth of The Beatles
3. Hamburg
4. The Cavern
5. Merseybeat
6. Enter Brian Epstein
7. Decca Records
8. Parlophone
9. Ringo
10. A Punishing Schedule
11. Beatlemania
12. Working Class Roots
13. International Stardom
14. Returning Heroes
15. Members of The British Empire
16. Girlfriends and Wives
17. Troubled Waters
18. "Bigger" Than Jesus?
19. End Of The Road
20. Transitions
21. Apple Corps. and The Maharishi
22. Drugs
23. Yoko & Linda
24. The Beginning Of The End
25. The Beatles' Legacy
26. Closing Credits

Extra Feature: History Of The Beatles - DVD Diary

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