Monday, July 28, 2008

What Happened to Paul McCartney's Tooth

BRIAN EPSTEIN: "Last mid-December [1965], Paul injured his lip and chipped his tooth in the moped accident. He honestly thought no one would notice the chip, for it is so small. I told him three times he should do something about it. It is in a place where there are no nerve ends, so there is no pain. Paul assured me that he would have the tooth capped, but -- unfortunately -- he has not done so. (Could he be afraid of the dentist?) It is my opinion that he will just let it be."


Ken "BZ" Wood said...

I`d love to know the source of this quote. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

No one would notice? It isn't small at all. Years after this photo, I've seen Paul with a gap and without a gap. And with a big tooth there (earlier) and a smaller tooth there.