Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Lifting Latches: The Beatles' Recorded Legacy Volume Three - Inside the Beatles Vaults

by John C. Winn

Imagine being given the keys to The Beatles' tape vaults. What would you listen to first, and which mysteries could you solve?

"Lifting Latches" gives you access to the contents of every reel of tape The Beatles recorded for EMI from 1962-1970.

Discover how the songs and albums were assembled, which tapes are now lost forever, and find out about unused sessions and releases not widely reported elsewhere.

Supplementary chapters break new ground on topics such as:

- How several hours of Beatles studio outtakes were liberated from EMI's vault and sold to bootleggers
- How Glyn Johns compiled four different rejected "Get Back" compilations, and how two of them ended up with American DJs
- Why BBC Radio's Beatles archive was nearly empty, and how it was rebuilt over the decades
- Which Beatles demos, rehearsals, and bootlegs John Lennon retained in his private tape collection

All this, plus updates to "Way Beyond Compare" and "That Magic Feeling"!
If you're a Beatles scholar, collector, or fan, you'll be amazed by "Lifting Latches".

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