Friday, July 04, 2008

George Harrison: Record Producer!

Recently GEORGE HARRISON moved into the record production field for the first time. Having used THE REMO FOUR as session musicians for some of his "Wonderwall" film soundtrack work, George went a step further and invited the group to make a new single under his studio supervision.

The Beatles and The Remo Four have known one another for many years--they were together in the Liverpool Cavern days. Remo lead guitarist COLIN MANLEY has written the following zany account of the group's studio stint.


The Characters:
The Mythical Western Prince (Tireless George Harrison)
The Tiresome Four Rock-a-Shake Group comprising
The Fat One (Colin Manley), T.O.I.E.G. (Tony Ashton),
Griper (Roy Dyke), Durran (Phil Rogers).
Black Bob The Faithful Half-breed Servant (Road manager Jens)
Man Mountain The Prince's Helping Help (Mal Lift-Evans)

The Story Begins Here:

The first day commencing as the intrepid four arrive at the car park to be confronted by a strangely daubed minute car with the blind eye of Katmanure gazing at them from every door. Then followed the meeting with M.W.P. himself of when it has oft been said, "That's enough." Greetings and formicas having been exchanged the Eager Four set about their task. The Artful Repertoire man entered phasing gently "Grove or be not grooeved." A solemn warning.

"Eat no meat" cried the Fastidious Prince.

"No pigs feet" chanted the Hungry Four.

Gazing around the large room, the young lads could fee and seast their eyes on the vast array of almost every world of the instrument--sinister black boxes with many long black cables stretching out like a spaniel's ear in Greece. Crowning all Angora's Box containing a thousand men, an instrument--nay a musical factotum--of which Rommel said "off with his head."

The fat one and Toieg played their peace, nodded the wise princes head. "Okay" said he, the signal for the commencement of the days toil and the Industrious Four fled to their instruments.

The Red Light!!

Panic spread suddenly through the shaken four and valuable time was spent for the fat one's fast fingers had forried an elbow knot around his plant. "Not a very good one" said the Bouncing Prince wading through the cigarette ends. "Let's try again." Toieg gazing down at his palm and as luck would have it all turned out in the white strip.

The arabic lettering on the crash ride sizzled out and the Merry Four played their kidneys out.

The Man Mountain burst in with refreshments, tripped but did not fall. "Tea up, but never down," quoth he. "Don't be gruel" quipped Oliver Wrist.

During the day several friends of the Prince hopped in to play their respects. "Cheap at half the price, but hello there!" cried the Friendly Lad.

A stickler for detail and perfection and object of no money, the Wily One sent Man Mountain to the tower for the Doomsday Book and rippling the pages produced percussion the like of which would have chilled the soul of Hyperions Kite. "Marvellous", marvelled the Dumbfounded Four.

"Play it back", wept the anxious four, but they must be careful what they say, for they can hear it all in there you know. A burrp from? at once recorded and played backwards produced gasps of astonishment from the awestruck four--so that's how it's done. Singing through four yards of barbed wire, happy in the thought of the dubbin to be applied,

"Plug in, tune up, hit out."

The end of the first day, high lighted by axing and rifling of the hot cigarette machine downstairs.

The second day came to the Tireless prince and listening to the work of the previous day outlined new ideas confounding the Tiresome Four.

"Put the drums and bass on one track, and the whippet and bear on the other, we shall add foam-backing later". This proving that a snitchy rhyme saves grime.

Man Mountain dribbling a jows harp yet another dynamic effect. "It's 19 shillings for a hot chop downstairs" cried the entering Fat One.

"That's Shere Khan."

To carry on would be to bore. In short, a grand time had by all. And the Thankful Four bade fond farewell to the Prince, to be met by many of his fans outside asking them what it was like to live next dour to a?...

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