Monday, June 02, 2008

The Piano on "Rock and Roll Music"

Dear Beatles (especially Paul),

Could you please answer a question that has been driving me mad, since I first heard "Rock and Roll Music," who plays the piano on this record? Is it Paul?

When I was listening to "Ticket to Ride" I wondered whether you got your ideas from things which you had experienced, e.g. have any of your girl friends left you and got a 'ticket to ride' anywhere, and just didn't care about it: or have you ever had a girl friend, who still loves another boy, as in the song "Baby's in Black"?

Lots and Lots of Beatle 'Luv',
Glenys Millar,
London, S.E.17.

Paul answers:--
John, George Martin and I all had a go on the piano on Rock 'n Roll Music, Glenys. George M. is the real piano player--John and I just bash away.

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