Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Beatles

by Hunter Davies

"A document of our century." -- Marshall McLuhan

The Classic - Newly Revised

The Worldwide Bestseller that Defines the Band that Defined an Era.

Forty years after they first took America by storm, the Beatles remain the most famous musical group in the history of the world. Hunter Davies, the group's only authorized biographer, spent eighteen months with the Fab Four in the late '60s when they were at the peak of their musical genius and at the pinnacle of their popularity, and he remained friends with each of the members as they went their separate ways. His insight into their story and their enduring appeal make this the definitive biography of the group, the only one produced with the cooperation and encouragement of the Beatles themselves. This newly revised edition addresses the changes in the lives of the Beatles: Paul's marriage, George's death, Ringo's tours, and their new books and records.

"[Davies's] hard work and the obvious trust the Beatles have in him allow us to see the young musicians for the first time as interesting, fallible, corporeal creatures, each quite different from the others, each with his own history and hang-ups and hopes." --Newsweek

Hunter Davies, formerly an editor for the Sunday Times of London, is the author of numerous books including The Glory Game. He lives in London.

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