Monday, January 02, 2006

Another Girl

AUTHORSHIP McCartney (1.00)
The day before recording started on the Help! album, Paul flew back from a ten-day holiday in Hammamet, a seaside resort in Tunisia where he had been the guest of the British government, who put him up in a villa owned by the embassy on the coast south of Tunis. At the furthest end of the house, away from most of the activity, was a magnificent bathroom with a sunken bath and decorated throughout with Islamic tiles. It was isolated and the acoustics were ideal for songwriting. Here Paul wrote 'Another Girl', recorded the day after he returned to London.

McCARTNEY: "It's a bit much to call them fillers because I think they were a bit more than that, and each one of them made it past the Beatles test. We all had to like it. If anyone didn't like one of our songs it was vetoed. It could be vetoed by one person. If Ringo said; 'I don't like that one,' we wouldn't do it, or we'd have to really persuade him." Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now

February 15, 1965, at Abbey Road, with McCartney overdubbing lead guitar on February 16

McCARTNEY: bass, lead guitar (solo at end), lead vocal
LENNON: acoustic guitar, harmony vocal
HARRISON: lead guitar, harmony vocal
STARR: drums

Performed in the film Help!

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